The Carabobo Battle Sealed Venezuela's Independence in 1821


This week, Venezuela celebrates 200 years of independence from Spain. This historical landmark occurred through the Battle of Carabobo, where patriotic forces led by Simon Bolivar fought the Royalist troops on June 24, 1821.


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On the side of the independence forces, General Jose Paez was in charge of a division made up of about 450 British and Irish volunteers. The battle also included General Manuel Cedeño, who commanded the second division of the Shooters and Vargas battalions.

On the side of the defenders of Spanish domination, Commander-in-Chief Miguel de la Torre presented two divisions to battle, one led by Lieutenant Colonel Tomas Garcia and the other commanded by Francisco Morales.

The Royalists managed to gather 4,000 soldiers, while the Venezuelan side was made up of about 7,000 soldiers and 3,000 cavalrymen.

Through time, the patriotic forces’ historical feat has become one of the most important symbols through which the Venezuelan people consolidate their identity and their will to remain free and sovereign.

Year after year, on June 24, which is National Army Day, the Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela (FANB) perform a marvelous military parade that includes an air show.

In Carabobo state, the Education Minister and thousands of students also recreate this epic battle for independence.

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