Philip Davis of the Liberal Party Wins Elections in Bahamas


The leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), Phillip Davis, won the Bahamas general elections this Friday, after winning 32 of the 39 parliamentary seats according to preliminary counts.

On the other hand, the Free National Movement (FNM) party lagged behind in the counts, so the current prime minister, Hubert Minnis, who ran for re-election, will have to leave power.


Bahamas Goes To The Polls To Elect Prime Minister

“Thank you all for recognizing the possibilities of what we can build together for our children and grandchildren,” the PLP victor told local media following Minnis’ call to concede defeat.

Davis, 70, said he thanked PLP candidates and supporters “for reversing the dark days” in reference to 2017 and because they voted “with their warrior hearts and full of hope for the country.”

“We will work to bring opportunities to every household because we believe in the dignity of every one of our people,” Davis said.

“For those who voted for the PLP, I promise you that I will work hard to adjudicate your faith in us. And for those who voted against, I ask you to work hard to overcome your doubts,” he added.

The premier-elect reported that his party won in districts where it had never won before. In contrast, the defeated party won less than expected considering that in the last election it earned 35 out of 39 seats.

“We will work hard to make sure that year after year, you are proud of the votes you cast,” he stressed.

Davis took the opportunity to launch a criticism of the current government, of which he pointed out its lack of vision and ambition for poverty. “They did not have the imagination, courage or competence to create change in the country. They alone sought to enrich themselves, among themselves,” he pointed out.

The prime minister-elect promised since his election campaign to reduce the Value Added Tax (VAT) to ten percent and to increase taxes on the richest in the Atlantic archipelago.

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