Peruvian Opposition, Business Groups Plot Against Castillo


An unveiled business and a controversial law approved by the parliamentary opposition are part of an ongoing campaign to remove the President of Peru, Pedro Castillo.


Peru: Ministers Council Seeks Confidence Vote from Parliament

The conspiracy was discovered by the journalistic portal El Foco, which published Internet dialogues of the business group which coordinates actions of a strategy to destabilize the executive until his fall.

The conspiracy was made public almost when the opposition majority in Congress ratified a law that limits the constitutional possibility of the President to dissolve the legislative body as a defensive action.

The report added that the conspirators pretend to “get communism out of the government” to finance a strike of the transport unions, which they claim will begin on November 8 and paralyze the country.

Among the participants in the conspiracy, El Foco identified the President of the National Society of Industries (SNI), Ricardo Marquez; Jose Luis Silva, former minister of Alan Garcia’s neoliberal government (2006-11); Magali Simon and Bruno Alecchi, head of the SIN’s Transport Commission.

Márquez has had several meetings with the President and traveled last month in a business mission simultaneously with President Castillo’s visit to the United States, and commented that the President sent a positive message to attract foreign investments.

In response to the revelation, the SIN issued a communiqué, in which it stated that the personal statements of its members “do not compromise the institution.”  The statement also denied involvement in destabilizing political actions and, asserted they maintain a frank dialogue with the executive.

The newspaper report stated that the businessman Silva, leader of the gastronomic union, proposed on the Internet dialogues “to save democracy” and “to get rid of communism.” And he tried to disqualify the accusation, alleging that it is absurd and groundless.

On the other hand, the leader of the transport union, Geovani Diez, coordinator of the November 8 strike, acknowledged contacts with business people but maintained they were not financing the strike.

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