Peruvian Lawmakers to Be Tested to Discard Illegal Vaccinations


Peru’s Congress this weekend passed a motion calling on all 130 lawmakers to undergo a test to rule out that they received a COVID-19 vaccine.


Peru: Seven Senior Officials Arrested Due To “Vacunagate” Case

Supported by 111 Congress members, the decision seeks to discard that lawmakers are linked to the “VaccineGate” scandal which involves over 400 high-ranking government officials.

“We demand transparency and public objectivity,” the Congress plenary stated, adding that lawmakers will have to fund their neutralizing antibody titer tests. 

This exhortation is also extended to other high-ranking officials, such as the Ombudsman, supreme prosecutors, ministers, and deputy ministers.

A specialized group of legislators will be in charge of determining in the next 15 days which test the lawmakers will take.

According to what is publicly known so far, 487 top officials were illegally immunized against COVID-19 with doses of Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, which arrived in the country in October as part of the III phase of clinical trials.

The scandal started after local outlets leaked that former President Martin Vizcarra and his wife vaccinated against the disease last year. 

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