Peru: Fujimori Keeps Trying To Steal Castillo's Victory



On Saturday, the right-wing Popular Force (FP) presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori attended the street demonstration performed by her supporters after the National Board of Elections (JNE) dismissed over 943 of her annulment claims.


Peru: President Sagasti Rejects Coup Call by Retired Officers

She called for “transparency and democracy” while asking the JNE not to delay ballot claims with administrative procedures. 

Despite declaring she would accept the election’s results, the FP candidate has repeatedly voiced a “systematic fraud” in the Andean and Amazonia regions, thus disregarding that international electoral observation missions had rejected any electoral fraud. 

Her baseless accusations led some retired military officers to demand a coup to prevent leftist Peru’s President-elect Pedro Castillo from taking office in July.

Rejecting all the maneuvers to disrespect people’s vote, Castillo’s supporters took also to the streets in Lima and other cities to demand observance of the Constitution.

“There is no mafia or threat of a coup that can stop the people when they stand up in defense of their dignity, with joy and firmness,” Castillo said.

“No maneuver will twist their will for change. We owe it to you, compatriots. We will not let you down. Together we will open a new chapter in Peru’s history,” he added.

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