Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry Denounces US Ambassador’s Meddling


A protest note from the Foreign Ministry denouncing the interference of the U.S. ambassador, Kevin Sullivan, in its internal affairs, marks today the political panorama of Nicaragua, 26 days before the general elections.


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‘The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of Nicaragua, hereby denounces the continued interference in the affairs of our country, on the part of the ambassador of the United States, Mr. Kevin Sullivan, reads the press release in its introduction.

The Foreign Ministry called on the U.S. diplomatic representative to observe ‘a respectful and responsible behavior, in the context of the Vienna Convention’.

He also denounces that the Washington ambassador intends to disregard the legitimacy of Nicaragua as a State.

The Foreign Ministry demanded that Sullivan ‘cease his covert attacks, his hypocritical greetings, disguised as a diplomatic courtesy that he abandoned long ago, and that rather has been, and is, an example of the continuous, perverse, detestable invasive interference of the United States in our Nicaragua’.

In its last paragraph, the communiqué demands the U.S. diplomat: ‘Refrain, Mr. Sullivan, from continuing to violate our national harmony, and renounce trying to impose your vulgar, insolent, ignoble, abominable and decadent U.S. policy, which we declare, once again, unwelcome to Nicaraguans.’

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