Lula Seeks Political Alliances To Overcome Crisis in Brazil


Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010) will meet with leaders of different political tendencies to jointly halt Brazil’s epidemiological disaster.


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During the meetings, the political figures will address the need to dismantle the far-right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration, according to the Workers’ Party (PT) leader.

“They will not be electoral debates, but political discussions. Lula is trying to join forces to confront Bolsonaro’s mismanagement of the pandemic,” leftist Senator Humberto Costa explained.

The leaders will seek to put pressure on the government to increase to US$110 the emergency aid it gives to workers and their families. Currently, workers receive a US$45 aid.

“We have already proved that there is another way to govern. That it is possible to guarantee a decent wage, signed contract, end-of-year bonus, and paid vacations for every worker,” Lula assured.

“I have confidence in the Brazilian people, who are bigger than those who are destroying our country. Brazil will rise again. We cannot lose hope,” he stressed.

On Sunday, Brazil registered 28,935 new cases and confirmed 1,202 deaths. So far, 407,775 people have died from COVID-19.


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