'Free Lula' Seeks Annulment of Moro's Proceedings Against Lula


According to the news portal Brasil 247, the former Minister of Justice, in collusion with the deactivated Operation Lava Jato prosecutors, violated the law and adopted abusive procedures to persecute and arrest the founder of the Workers’ Party.

By entering the campaign’s site, users can automatically send a text to the e-mail addresses of the STF ministers.


Brazil: Court Upholds Veracity of Moro’s Chats Against Lula

The campaign’s message is that there is evidence to allege collusion between the prosecution and Moro to convict Lula.

The conversations between the former judge and the Lava Jato’s prosecutors, obtained by the operation Spoofing (usurpation) of the Federal Police, prove that the former labor leader was convicted by a biased judge, in a process disrespectful of the presumption of innocence, among others.

The campaign insists that the second chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice judge the habeas corpus as soon as possible, that it attends to the request of Lula’s defense and, consequently, that it annuls the sentences issued by Moro in the procedural investigation, as well as the cases conducted by the Lava Jato investigators.

The campaign asserts that the case is an affront to judicial impartiality, a minimum guarantee assured to all defendants by the 1969 American Convention on Human Rights and the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

After seven years since the formal creation of Lava Jato, there is already evidence to judge that there was a conspiracy between the prosecution and Moro, with the anticipated desire to convict Lula, emphasizes the declaration.

Consequently, it adds, they prevent the exercise of his political rights, especially in not being able to run in the 2018 elections, which casts doubt on the legitimacy of the electoral results that brought Jair Bolsonaro to power.

According to the document that lawyers will send to the STF, the suspicion of Moro’s partiality must be granted to rebuild the credibility of the Judiciary and so that Lula, as well as any Brazilian citizen, can have a fair, impartial trial and with the due guarantees of the Democratic Rule of Law.

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