Cuba: Third Group of Doctors Assisting Kuwaiti People Come Home


Upon the arrival of the professionals to this capital, Dr. Jorge Delgado Bustillo, director of the Central Unit of Medical Cooperation, welcomed them to Cuba on behalf of Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, and Dr. José Angel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health.

Delgado Bustillo affirmed that the 60 aid workers who arrived on Tuesday, as well as the rest of the 337 who made up the entire brigade, were the ones who started the history of the medical collaboration of the Henry Reeve Contingent in Kuwait.


Cuba Receives Group of Doctors Who Faced COVID-19 in Kuwait

The performance of the Cubans left deep roots in the Arab nation, where the solidarity of the largest island of the Carribean also reached.

Dr. Rody Cervantes Silva, head of the brigade and specialist in General Comprehensive Medicine (MGI), said that they worked intensively in the red zone of eight hospitals in the country, which is why they feel satisfied and proud of the work carried out.

This last group was made up of men and women from 13 Cuban provinces, of whom 29 are doctors, specialists in MGI, Intensive Care, Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, and Neurosurgery, in addition to 31 graduates in Nursing.

“The worldwide solidarity of #Cuba���� can be told by its doctors. Back the third group of 60 health professionals of the Cuban medical brigade, which for a year contributed to the COVID-19 confrontation in Kuwait.”

During one year, together with professionals from that Persian Gulf nation, they assisted an average of 280 patients daily in hospitals located in Al Jaber, Al Farwaniya, IBN Sina, Al Jahra, Mubarak, Adan, and Amiri. In addition, they saved 3,130 lives, performed 435,990 nursing procedures, 112 major surgeries, 12 minimal access surgeries, and 69 minor surgeries.

The Cuban brigade left for Kuwait on June 5, 2020, with 298 collaborators. On August 6, 152 professionals returned to the island, and another 39 doctors joined the team. The team was then made up of 185 collaborators, 125 of whom returned on January 3.

This June 8 also marked the first anniversary of the arrival of the first Cuban collaborators who faced the COVID-19 beyond our borders, those 36 doctors, 15 nurses, and a logistics specialist in Lombardy, the hardest hit region of Italy at that time.

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