Bolivia: Parliament Calls on Health Workers To Stop Strike


Bolivia’s Parliament President Freddy Mamani Thursday called on health workers to hold a conversation with President Luis Arce’s administration to put an end to the strike against the Health Emergency Law (LES).


Luis Arce Completes 100 Days in Office as President of Bolivia

Mamani noted that the strike only threatened health services to the people in the mids of the COVID-19 pandemic while highlighting the country’s efforts to secure vaccines.

The LES approved new regulations for the hiring of medical personnel and the purchase of medicines. It also prohibited the suspension of health services.

Last Friday, the National Health Council decided to declare a general strike for 10 days until Feb. 28, claiming that the law violates worker’s rights.

The meme reads, “In addition to Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines, we secured 5.2 million Sputnik V doses, 5 million Oxford-AstraZeneca, and COVAX. In just three months of government, we guarantee free vaccination for each Bolivian.”

Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) lawmaker Hector Arce presented before Cochabamba’s Guarantees Court a claim against the Bolivian Medical Association and the Federation of Unions of Medical Branches of Public Health for calling for demonstrations.

On Wednesday, a batch of 500,000 COVID-19 Sinopharm vaccines was received to continue the immunization of health care personnel.

The Health Ministry’s Epidemiology Director Maria Rothe informed that COVID-19 mass vaccination is expected to be launched in March.

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