Argentine President Hails Soberana 02, Expects Joint Production


“Everything indicates that Cuba’s Soberana vaccine is of the highest technical quality, we are also working to see how we can help them to finish the manufacturing process, waiting to finish the preliminary part of the studies and see how we can help,” said the president in an interview of almost an hour with the C5N channel.

In recent days, Foreign Minister Felipe Solá announced the possibility of advancing in a proposal of his country to finance a faster process for the production of Cuban vaccines against Covid-19.


Argentina: Gov’t Expresses Interest in Cuban COVID-19 Vaccines

“Our country awaits the completion of the talks at the presidential level to accelerate the possible agreement once they are concluded,” said Solá at the time.

On the subject of vaccines, the Argentinean President highlighted that they are working with all the laboratories and announced that they would have the first batch of Astrazeneca doses elaborated in Mexico before the end of the month.

“We are working with all of them, also with the CanSino vaccine from China, and we have made a new purchase offer to Sinopharm,” he said.

“‘Cuba’s Soberana vaccine, everything indicates that it is of the highest technical quality,’ Pres. Alberto Fernandez praised Cuban vaccine candidate #Soberana02 and advances on TV that #Argentina is working to help #Cuba in the development of the drug.”

At another point in their dialogue, Mr. Fernandez referred to the public health situation and the restrictions to curb the impact of the second wave of COVID-19 infections.

In this respect, he pointed out that in the places where the measures were complied with, such as Greater Buenos Aires, the drop in cases was more significant than in the capital city, where classes continued, and controls were more relaxed.

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