De'Leon Carr: "I Got It"


Photo: De’ Leon CarrEnon Music Group

Gospel singer De’Leon Carr recently released a concept video for the song “I Got It.”

The song is from from his soon to be released CD entitled “Life Is.”

Born in Memphis, TN and raised in Atlanta, GA, De’Leon is the son of a Preacher Woman, and public school educator who instilled faith and education as a priority over everything else.

At 10 years old, Ricky Dillard, Hezekiah Walker, and O’Landa Draper came to his church and De’Leon was sold. He knew immediately that he wanted to sing in the choir.

At an early, De’Leon was singing in the youth choir at his church but quickly was elevated to sing in the adult choir. Not only was he the youngest person to sing in his 100 voice choir but by age 13 he was directing and teaching the choir.

In April of 2017, De’Leon released his Debut EP titled “Church Boy Soul”, with production credits from Will Pierre, Dre Cole, B Slade, Teddy P and Morgan Turner.

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Gospel singer De'Leon Carr recently released a concept video for the song "I Got It."
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De'Leon Carr: "I Got It"
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